1 Reel Majestic King Slot by Spinomenal

An animal -themed video slot by Spinomenal, 1 Reel Majestic King features a lot of animals as symbols. The background of the game looks like an African plain.

The basic game graphics in 1 Reel Majestic King do not include complex animations, but it does offer basic animations during the game. The only sound players will hear except for the majestic soundtrack is the reel spinning until the player lands on a winning combination. An audio victory sound is played after the winning combination has been highlighted in the jackpot area.

In this game, short grasses, mountains, and trees fill the background, depicting the plains of Africa.

There are five game symbols in 1 Reel Majestic King, including three standard symbols and two special symbols. There are animal symbols and wild symbols. There are a few standard symbols, but all of them are animal symbols. Whenever the bank symbols are reset, whatever is inside is reset, whether it has been claimed or not.

A zebra pays 1x to 12x among the animal symbols. Giraffes pay from 3x to 100x. Elephants are the most lucrative, paying 10x to 250x.

Special Symbols and Features of 1 Reel Majestic King Slot

The Wild is an example of a special symbol that counts both of the three possible wins at the same time. All prize progression will be reset to zero when the reset bank symbol appears.

Whenever the same symbol lands at this state after reaching the last level, the player is awarded the last level win directly to his balance.

The jackpot will be awarded to the player once all three win symbol progress bars have been filled. The jackpot will disappear after being won until the prizes are reset by either collecting the winnings from the bank or the reset bank symbol appears.